Earth by David, age 4

Daffodils by

Payton and Ava, age 4  

"Pointillism" by Christopher, age 5

 Connect the dots: 

 Art on display. . . 

 Corridors converted to an Art Gallery. . . 

 This Friday, May 17, 5:30 - 7 pm. . . 

 A date with Artistic Destiny! 

 We look forward to welcoming you to the 

 Geneva Day School ART SHO

 displaying masterpieces from all students. 

Just when temperatures couldn't get COLDER,                               

  we offer you our


 Summer Camp 2019 

Now enrolling children ages 2-6 according to your full or part-day preferences. . .

GDS Fall 2019 Registration is also underway.

"Rainbow Flower"

by GDS Summer Camper

He's a Parent. . . 

             An Executive Producer. . . 

                             A Maestro of Media.



This is our ode to Mr. Ngoc Le of 

     who donated beautiful films showcasing our beloved

                                   Art and Music and Movement programs.

Visit to catch them.


We send this Valentine of true, requited love to 



                   An enormous, heartfelt thank you from all of us! 


by Aya,

GDS Student

Win a free week of our RECIPE for

summer learning and fun. Criteria below.


Summer Camp Ages 2 - 6

May 28 - August 9, 2019

Encouraging a lifelong love of learning

Summer Sailing Ships by Aurelia & Bennett

                                      GDS Students, Age 5

Happy Independence Week

We wish you a festive and fun 4th. . .

Monet Waterlilies (or fireworks!?)

by Christopher, Age 5

Happy April Fool's Day

          What's the buzzzzzzzz?

Daffodils by GDS 4 year olds with a green thumb. . .