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Environmental Education

Awareness of living things,     

                                Plants and animals,

                                                  Respect for all Life. . . Academically-inspired Study.

Field Trips

Meadowside Nature Center in Wheaton, Locust Grove Nature Center in Rockville, as well as local Farms, serve as green destinations.

Creek Walks

Nearby Cabin John Creek all classes enjoy; older students walk to it and younger ones are driven there.


All classes participate in making us a Green School success.

Geneva Gardens

Children examine trees, clouds, animal habitats; activities revolve around their observations and discoveries.



Together we strive to leave any setting better than we found it.

Animal Studies

Our Four Year Old Class makes a detailed study of the Lifecycle of a Bald Eagle via the National Arboretum Cam (these observations shape reading, writing, and arithmetic lessons). Kindergartners learn to raise ducklings with compassion and scientific insight, ultimately escorting these class pets to a Duck Sanctuary in the early summer.

Expert Visits

Nature Center experts visit to share their wisdom; animal hibernation among other subjects are brought to life.

Insect Studies

Classes select insects of interest to study; butterflies, ladybugs, ants, beetles, and preying mantises rank among the most chosen. 


by GDS Student Hayden,

age 4

Science Magazines

"Clifford's Big World" is a subscription many classes relish; featured children use their senses to explore the Big World around them, inspiring our students to do the same. 

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