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Physical Education

Love the outdoors. . . Experiment. . . Narrate. . . Grow.


Our Physical Education Teacher, Mr. Gordy Anson, leads our

students in unforgettable programming that benefits the body and

the mind. With a  degree in Elementary Education from the University

of Maryland, and many years of experience in the field including with MyGym of Potomac and Geneva Summer Camp Programs, Mr. Anson brings us deep insights, lots of enthusiasm, and superb imagination.


Songs, music, and storylines inspire movement, just as props lend an innovative twist. Parachute games, obstacle courses, spider webs, relay races, and "statues" (Mr. Anson's inspired take on "red light/green light") invite young minds to play while the body is at work.


Suddenly, students do not sense how much effort they are expending. Twirling, leaping, running, and jumping are all the more vigorous. Coordination comes naturally. Kind words of encouragement and unique narrative ("Tell us that story again, Mr. Anson!" we often hear) incite action and shape a love of fitness.  Mr. Anson connects with students of all ages and ablility, creating experiences of both fun and success, while inspiring them to take on new challenges.

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