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Both the families and the school, here at Geneva, have benefitted from the following resources:

Discover our list of books that students and staff especially enjoy.

Discover the teacher and assistant led virtual lessons offered during the pandemic. . . Still a joy to take in!

 Assessment and early intervention for children 0-3 years 


Screenings for children 3-5 years for speech, motor, cognition, vision and hearing, as well as education classes if qualified 

Resources, referrals, consulting, and therapies for young children 0- 5 years regarding social and emotional development

Private Assessment Therapies and Programming:

Celebrate Ability

Improves the lives of those with autism


 Assistance with speech, language and social skills

 Integrated program providing various therapies and coaching through play

 Speech/language and OT screenings, evaluations, and therapy



 Assessment, therapy, and early learning center through the Katherine Thomas School


Therapeutic nursery program to address children's social and emotional wellness

Occupational therapy, itinerant services, including free screenings 

Provides free speech and OT screenings

Schools/Centers for Assessments and Treatment:

Therapeutic school program


Clinical psychologist, Dr. Burgess, conducts evaluations, therapy, and research for children, adolescents, and families


Therapeutic school program that offers Pre-K and K programs

Assessment, therapy, and consultation regarding speech, language, and psychology

Private Parent Education and Consulting:

Supporting parents, nannies, and teachers with research-supported classes


Parent training and support programs from a developmental-behavioral pediatrician,

Dr. Shapiro, with whom Geneva frequently consults


Parodi Educational Consulting

Assists parents in school placement for their children


Parent Encouragement Program

Provides special education consultation regarding IEPs and 504s

Psychological and behavioral services, as well as evaluations and consultations for school placements

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