School Rewards Program

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Donate a portion of your Amazon purchases to GDS?

Sign us up! With your usual Amazon credentials, log into "Supporting," select "Geneva Day School" as your beneficiary of choice.

Proceed with your purchases. We heartily thank you.

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Cereal and cookie boxes have never looked more delicious. 

Some have "Box Tops for Education" logos. Cut out and send these to us via your child's tote bag or deliver directly to the Office. 

Your thoughtful box tops = cash for GDS.

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Register for the Bonus Bucks Program via Giant!

You'll receive a Giant Foods Grocery Rewards Card. Indicate "Geneva Day School" as your nonprofit beneficiary of choice.

Earn Giant rewards for you, while accruing cash for us. . .

Put this at the top of your shopping list.

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Become a My Harris Teeter member. Get your VIC card.


Link your VIC card to Geneva Day School. 


Harris Teeter’s "Together In Education" program donates a percentage of your purchase to us. . . A recipe for meaningful shopping.

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