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See. . . Touch. . . Imagine. . . Create.


Art specialist, Mrs. Barbara Korb, has led our students for nearly

30 years in a discovery of art concepts, vocabulary, and techniques 

as shaped by three programs within a spiraling curriculum.

Each program fosters curiosity and enthusiasm for art, while drawing from the earliest emergence of talent, in a nurturing environment. Students are encouraged to tap all their senses, think critically, and imagine as they ask questions, experiment, and create.

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Elements of Art introduces three and four year olds to lines,



                                  textures, and

                                        spatial relationships.

Children enjoy drawing, painting, cutting, creating collages, and working with clay as they explore the Elements of Art.


No two artworks are alike as these reflect individual talent and each child's unique perspective.

Through hands-on manipulation of materials, both gathered and recycled, such as leaves, feathers, pipe cleaners, straws, and cushioned wires, among other "found treasures," students learn to identify and create art in the world around them.

Works of Wonder continues learning, per the spiraling curriculum, for Pre-Kindergarten students.

A first semester invites the study of nature within school gardens, through Art Inspired by Nature. The organic growth pattern and texture of trees incite rubbings and sketches. Clouds and flowers, among other natural formations, are studied so as to enhance powers of observation.


A second semester, shaped by Native American Indian traditions and their relationship to nature, guides the creation of clay pottery, spirit beads, masks, dream catchers, rain makers, and sand creations.  


An examination of artifacts and illustrations complement story and legend-telling so as to provide insight into process art.

Art Through the Ages invites Kindergarten students to don their "time travel caps" in a study of Art History that is both hands-on and academic.


The children examine art reproductions and share their keen observations as they explore "the Dawn of the Dinosaurs," through the Prehistory of Man and Antiquity, to the Middle Ages. Concluding with Modernity, students make connections with previous years' study and revel in the riches of the spiraling curriculum.


Still-lifes, portraits, and land/city-scapes lead to the discovery of cherished artists and the distinct periods and pieces that define them. Michelangelo, Seurat, Monet, Picasso, Pollock, and Calder are among student favorites.

A celebratory visit to the National Gallery of Art, East Gallery Wing, concludes the year. Now Kindergarten Art Historians, the students delight in recognizing many of the works they have studied. The docents are always impressed by their knowledge of art vocabulary and concepts, their insights, and level of engagement. A lifelong love of learning truly includes art appreciation.

A selection of each child's masterpieces was showcased

at our school-wide Art Show May 17, 2018, which can be visited virtually here.

Thank you for your joyful participation!