Tuition and Our Process

Tuition Chart

Class                                        Registration Fee          Annual Tuition            Activity Fee
2 Half-Day Classes AM/PM                   

              $275                                $3,342                              $125

3 Half-Day Classes AM/PM                   

              $275                                $4,867                              $145

5 Half-Day Classes AM/PM                   

              $275                                $8,350                              $225

All Day Class                   

              $275                              $16,780                              $425

Full Day 4s' Class                   

              $275                              $16,780                              $425


           $2,177*                            $17,112                              $450

• Registration fees are payable upon acceptance and are non-refundable.

• Kindergarten registration fees are payable upon acceptance and are non-refundable, however $1,902 will be applied to the May 2023 Tuition.

• Limited scholarships are available. Please contact the Office should you wish to apply.

• When full Tuition is received by May 1, a 4% discount will be applied.

• When half of Tuition is received by May 1, and the remainder by December 1, a 2% discount will     be applied.

• Tuition may also be paid in 9 monthly installments.

• The first Tuition payment must be paid by May 1 and will be applied to May 2023.

If your child is enrolled in Kindergarten, the May 1 payment will be applied to April 2023. The remainder of the tuition will be due on the first day of each month starting in September with the last payment in April. The exception is Kindergarten, where the last payment will be March 2023. 


• Activity fees are due May 1.


• A 10% discount off full Tuition will be applied if your child meets any one of the following criteria:

Active member of Geneva Presbyterian Church.

When registering more than one child from the same family.

One or both parents are active members of the US military.

If a child enrolls after the beginning of the school year, appropriate adjustments will be made.

Tuition Details

Our Process


our Classes and Programs.
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GDS Day.



301 340 7704

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Take a private GDS tour, tailored to you.

Request our Application Packet.



Submit to the Office
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mail in separately the
non-refundable processing fee of $75.


Receive your Class Confirmation Letter in February.



non-refundable deposit by March 1.

Anticipate Tuition Agreement (mailed to you April 1).



Return signed

Tuition Agreement

with Tuition Payment

by May 1.



Sign up for our 
Summer Program

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