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An Extraordinary All-Day Program within our Kindergarten Cottage 



Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri            9:00 am - 2:45 pm

Age: must be Five by September 1

Our Kindergarten works intentionally with all students in each academic area in preparation of entry into public or private school the following year. Socialization, manners, and self-help instruction are integrated throughout the day.

Whole language and phonics form the core of the reading program, which is bolstered by the "Handwriting Without Tears" approach. Students study upper and lower case letters and sounds, as well as read one-on-one with an adult, books that are appropriate to their reading level and interests. Composition is achieved through the formation of letters, words, sentences, and stories, especially as inspired by personal journaling.

Mathematics is taught through manipulative materials, which invite students to grasp "hands on" the abstract. Counting, grouping, patterning, measuring, comparing, time and money are some of the concepts studied. Basic operations are facilitated through modeling problems and finding their solutions, as well as arithmetic that takes place on paper and our Promethean Board.

Experiential learning shapes science and STEAM activities. Ocean and arctic life, the lifecycle of insects, planets and the solar system are but some of the subjects explored. A "Student Scientist of the Week" may demonstrate a scientific truth, such as how gravity works and what volcanoes do, so as to assist peers in making discoveries of the natural world.

Unique to this class is the study of ducklings. A "nest" of eggs is acquired from a hatchery, and then incubated and candled. Students observe a spring hatching and care for the young ducklings for six weeks before delivering them to a free-range farm to live with other birds. During this period, students keep a journal of drawings and text to chart the life cycle of ducks. Fellow classes look up to Kindergartners as custodians of this project and peer in on their progress.

Specials in Environmental Education, Physical Education, Mindful Exercise, Music, and "Art History" are integral to Kindergarten, as are Felt Board Stories, guest speakers, and cultural programs. In celebration of experiential learning, multiple field trips are planned throughout the year.

Typical Day:

Arrival and Check-in

Free-choice gathering activities

Morning Meeting


Healthy Snack

Morning Learning Centers




Read-aloud Time

Afternoon Learning Centers



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