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Music and Movement

Explore. . .

                Experiment. . . 

                                       While in a musical environment.


Young children learn at their own pace as they explore warm-ups

and songs. They begin to relate music to movement through games

that tap gross motor skills and imaginative play.


Inner hearing,

                           rhythmic understandings,

                                                                         eye-hand coordination,

                                                                                                                     and a love of music. . .


Ms. Dobbins's invitation to integrate music with movement brings children to discover that music truly is everywhere. Suddenly, songs, stories, instruments, games, puppets, and rhythmic finger play create a musical atmosphere in which emotional growth and logical thinking flourish. 

This video has been deleted.

Listen to one of our Music and Movement favorites below,"Sleep Little Bunnies" from "Musically Yours Inc." produced by Jodi LaNatra.


Can't you imagine our students hopping to this irresistible beat?

"Sleep Little Bunnies" - "Musically Yours, Inc." produced Jodi LaNatra
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