How do I apply?

Request an Application Packet. Schedule a personal tour. Submit Application Form with non-refundable Application Fee of $75. Registration for current families begins first week of January and continues for two weeks. After that period, Application Forms for new families are processed. Formal registration process for new families begins in January. Class Confirmation Letters are sent in February, after which the Registration Fee is due. A non-refundable deposit must be paid by March 1. Tuition Agreements will be mailed April 1. A signed Tuition Agreement accompanied by Tuition Payment is due May 1. Families of returning students should refer to the Forms Page for Re-Registraion.

What is Geneva's Sick Policy?

This pandemic period, children who are feeling unwell and exhibiting symptoms are not permitted to enter school. Please consult your physician or the health department for guidance.

How does Geneva accomodate allergies and diet preferences?

Geneva respects allergies and dietary preferences of individual students as notified by parents. We are a PEANUT FREE school which means that no peanuts or peanut products are used or permitted in the School. We request that families respect this policy.

What is the behavior management or discipline policy?

We realize that not all children are mature in their social-emotional skills. Instaed, we realize that there will be many opportunities to teach sharing, cooperation, manners. Staff members use various techniques for teaching these skills, including distraction, redirection, modeling, giving choices, reading and role-playing situations, coaching, among others. Sometimes a child chooses to retreat to a quiet, cozy corner to collect emotions before feeling comfortable to return to a group or play situation.

Must my child be toilet-trained?

When children first begin their education at Geneva, they do not have to be toilet-trained. We realize that it is not developmentally appropriate for typical young students to have fully mastered this skill until they are 3-3.5 years of age.

What is the difference between Geneva and Montessori?

A Purist Montessori program encourages children to select and explore independently activities of interest so as to acquire academic skills. This approach does not emphasize group learning or instruction in the arts. We are considered a "traditional preschool" and intentionally teach the whole child in all developmental growth areas. We believe in having children learn in both large and small group settings, where they learn social skills and manners while engaged in rich programming such as Art, Music, Science, and Math. We also allow children to use their unique strengths and interests to direct their learning individually or in groups.

What are the six developmental growth areas for young children?

Gross, fine and perceptual motor skills Social-emotional skills Self-help or independent life skills Expressive and receptive language skills Cognitive skills Creativity

Should you have more questions, please contact the Office and/or schedule a private tour.