Environmental Education

Explore. . . Discover. . . Cultivate. . . Lead.


Our Environmental Education Instructor, Mrs. Carol Rushing, leads

our students in joyful exploration of the environment. First a Teaching

Assistant within our Kindergarten and now our in-house expert on Mother

Nature, Mrs. Rushing knows just how to captivate.


Singing, reading stories, creating with one's hands, and then engaging in tactile experiences bring lessons to life. Whether examining our Maryland Green School trees, exploring our nearby creek and its ecosystem, or pretending to be Monarch butterflies that "taste flowers with their feet," students tap their five senses.


Mrs. Rushing's unique formula places the student-scientist first. Even our youngest are guided in their discovery of the out-of-doors through song, dance, poems, and the emulation of animals. Recent themes include the metamorphosis of butterflies, the lifecycle of frogs, and how clouds help predict the weather.


Students feel genuine delight in becoming stewards of the environment, as they are not only learning and observing the natural world, but also actively participating in it.