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Environmental Education

Explore. . . Discover. . . Cultivate. . . Lead.


Our Environmental Education Instructor, Ms. Anna Piper, leads

students in a melodious exploration of the environment. Her extensive

music background strikes a chord, truly, with the natural rhythms of the



Ever heard a bird sing? A cicada whine? Ever notice how the wind serenades the trees? 

Student-scientist-musicians tap all their senses in taking note. Balance and harmony. Interconnectedness. An appreciation of all that surrounds us. . . These are the concepts that shape a celebration of Nature.

As a Maryland Green School, we cherish our gardens, Monarch butterfly milkweed fields, and nearby creek. As  weather permits, lessons unfold outside either within our grounds or just on the border of them. Indoor lessons complement  these “in the field” experiences.

Singing, dancing, and acting, as well as engagement in art, literature, and games heighten the experience of donning an explorer’s cap. Ms. Piper draws from a number of instruments (can’t we just envision her with a flute!?) to reveal the secret lives of plants, animals, and insects.


Collaborative projects bring special emphasis to how we are all custodians of the Earth.

Weather, seasons, and recycling are discovered through gentle calls to action. . . Let us preserve and protect what we have.


Environmental Education is a symphony of meaning

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