Welcome Winter 2021

We can't wait to welcome  you!!!

In compliance with directives from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), and the county Health Department, we have developed Guidelines and a Pledge which can be found here.  We have also reconfigured classes, ordered materials, revised procedures, and prepared staff with new training.

Please consider Geneva if you are looking for a private school for your child.  Many classes are already full, but there are limited openings. We look forward to giving you a tour at your convenience!



Consider integrating the  GDS Google Calendar with your own; never miss a date and remain "in the know."


Green School Award

Ever enthusiastic about our environment, we pledge to help the Earth as a Maryland Green School. Recycling, conservation techniques, and discovery of the out-of-doors define our passion for all that is green.



 Birds, monarch butterflies, and squirrels animate our gardens. Our classrooms just might have pets. Turtles, fish, and ducklings (raised in the spring by our Kindergartners) shape lessons and inspire custodianship!


Face of a Lifelong Love of Learning

Our most recent Bethesda Magazine presence as the "Face of a Lifelong Love of Learning" has us lifting our smiles (albeit masked) to a building block exercise on the carpet of Ms. Landres' Young Twos Class. We always warm to a cooperative challenge.


for our Students

STEAM  powers our curricula, as students of all ages receive early introduction to  science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. This young artist/engineer paints as Michelangelo had. . .

On his back!

Ms. Lieberman

Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Come run, skip, jump, play, and discover with us. . .                                                            

                                                                          #GenevaDaySchool and #LifelongLoveofLearning