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Farsi Immersion Camp

Would you like your children to learn Farsi?


Former Geneva Day School staff member, Kathy Gharegozly, has been instructing Farsi to young children ages three through eight for many years at Geneva Day School. Students learn to write, read through the use of flashcards and posters, and acquire knowledge of numbers, shapes, colors, and animals, among other concepts, through engaging programming.


Games, songs, and cartoons in Farsi advance understanding of the Persian culture. Arts and crafts encourage an exploration of Persian motifs with final masterpieces often adorning the walls of both school and home.

During the summer, Farsi Immersion Camp runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Children bring their own lunch. Note: Lunches are not refrigerated and children must be able to self serve.

Farsi Immersion Campers enjoy use of Geneva Day School's playgrounds, indoor and outdoor facilities, and participate in Geneva Day School Summer Camp specials.

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